Backside of Fast Food

Usually when we come out with a question surveying that who love fast food? Fries, burger, pizza, fried chicken... Everybody shout "I"! Hehe~ Well, they are time saving meanwhile pleasuring in taste. Nevertheless, Nutritionist says Fast Food are rubbish Food =S


Oh my, why? Well, I retrieved this information from my friend who studied as Nutritionist. The reasons are clear and common yet nobody tends to bother. Hm~ But I guess people are just forgotten on how dangerous these fast foods might be, so I hereby remind you again^^

(1) Fast food contains high sodium, which commonly known as salt. By partaking one meal of Fast Food, it provides more sodium than what we need a day. What are sodium to us? Please google yourself XD

(2) The carbohydrate bread for fast food is artificial. It cannot digest well in our body. We know carbohydrate are energy, yet eating them without digesting them is a waste like rubbish.

(3) Why people become fat when carbohydrate is said that not digested. Well, carbohydrate is artificial but not fats.

Above reason are simple yet if you ponder about them, they provide improper diet. We need carbohydrate but they disappoint us by giving us plenty of fats and sodium.

Nutritionist suggested that we take fast food not more than twice a month. A MONTH! The best is to stop eating. You know, businessmen in our society are smart. They will do anything just to attract you to eat their food for business regardless of your health issue. Therefore, when I say they are smart, are we stupid?

Stupid or not, it depends on how we will act after knowing this truth =)

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