Once upon a time, there was a new rule embedded in Utar where only certain registered drivers are allowed to park their cars inside school compound. Basically, this is how they recognize these VIPs. They check on parking stickers.

So some students rose "It is a parking sticker they, a parking sticker we'll have!". They made imitations and on they go~ Nevertheless , not all of them can survive.
Guard: "Your sticker real thing?"
Student: "Sure lar"
Guard: "Take it out, let me check!"
Student: "Noneed so troublesome lar, I'm in a hurry~"
Guard: "Take it out!"
Student: "..."
Guard: "Hah! Not registered!"
Student: "Aiyo, summons only mar~ I've been parking for so long already... No gain no lost lar"
Guard: "..."
Student: "Register car need RM350, get summons at RM50 after parking for the whole semester. Which one more worth it?"
Guard: "You'll be blacklisted."
Student: "Blacklist lar, if you can memorized all car plate number each semester."
Guard: "..."


Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

how to make imitation car sticker? Tarc cannot lar.

leo7_lion said...

My friend they find ppl to do... It looks like the real 1 but not exactly like real lar

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