Best Blog Award

Once again I have to thank Erlina for presenting me this second Award. The best blog award =)

Anyway, my friends sprang a Karaoke event today and there I got my throat sored. Meanwhile, thanks to the trade of Ipod Shuffle last Sunday that I got extra RM160 to spend^^ or else I will be broke too...
So where did I get this Ipod Shuffle? Hehe, it is a prize won from a contest just like what Lisa did recently. In fact, if I didn't trade it off. I would have give it to TeckWei as a token of appreciation for his sacrifice today^^
(He slept out of tiredness during Karaoke XD)
So what had he done?
-Something remarkable indeed-

Yesterday, I went to KTAR for my tennis skill enhancement and it was there I received the Gold Medal as mentioned previously. Somehow, I left my spectacles and it took me a day to realise that=.= Sweat!~ Thus in lecture class, I can barely see what lecturer wrote on board.

I decided to retrieve it and there I met TeckWei who is willing to fetch me to KTAR using KakWai's motorbike. Well, it saved my foot work^^ -Special thanks to KakWai too-

Talking about lost and found, I still remember on how Richard and KokSheng helped me out too. It was about my wallet =) I will never forget their deeds.
Next: when I was on my way to Karaoke, WeiHao showed me this tag. It says "an office room for rent RM** per head per month"

Pardon me, rent per head? I don't get it... A room should be rented by its size, not 'per head' isn't it? Lol... Haha

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