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Previously, I was talking about us fooling around in our Lab Practical. To what extend? You can imagine by seeing how wide I opened my mouth when I laughed. Insect could just simply flew inside.
So what makes me opened my mouth so huge? I'm not fish~ The reason is... Happy lar~
During the practical, my friends were acting funnily plus suggesting crazy shots. Okay, I admit that I'm the one who started this photo taking thing... Above is YewSheng. He was always a mysterious guy until today, that his fox's tail flipped out XD
You know what? He asked me to snap a 1o numbers shots of myself but he himself shrunk when it was his turn to be snapped. Wanna see my 10 numbers shot? Hold on, I save it for the last. I worry some of you will be disappointed after seeing those ugly posts of mine XD
This is MeiNgor. She drove me back from school sometimes. For this, I must specially thank her^^
This is XiaoHui. She is posting 'No.2'. Cool right? She is always this cool. If everyone were to be like her, the world could be saved from global warming... Just nonsense =.= Well, it seems like the 10 numbers shots has begun...

-She stopped at No.3-
-Some of them disallowed me to include theirs in my blog-
-And I'm the only one among them who posted all 10 shots-

-Oh yea, before I started-
-I want to declare that, all my numbered posts are thought by YewSheng-
-So you might notice that in some pictures, my eyes are looking at his direction-
No.9 (I hate this one! XD)

Haha... For those who don't know me in person, I hope that you won't know me. XD
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