Sakura at the Corner

~Do you know what it feels like loving someone that in rush to throw you away~

Don't mind the sentence above, I was just singing along together with the song that played. Anyway, are you familiar with this song? Well, it's a recommended^^ you can listen which it is located at 'my current favorite song' now (Right sidebar).

This post is about sakura trees found near my house. As you can witness in the first picture, there are pink petals everywhere~

Right, I'm not in Japan but Malaysia. Pardon me, Sakura in Malaysia? Yes, Malaysian Sakura~
The leaves are still hanging since we have no winter. It's a rare for them to bloom like this, once a blue moon. It will be great if we can picnic here. Or maybe I should say, it will be great if there is no one to rob you when you actually picnic.

By the way, I have a China pen-pal who always write 'Malaysia' as 'Malangsia'. 'Malang' and 'sial' (unfortunate) country huh? Sweat!

I dedicate this song to all of you~ Hope you like it^^

1 comment:

YULI said...

beautiful!!! too bad there's no cherry blossoms in philippines.. oh wait? is there??? ???

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