Revival of Nikon

Guess why am I here? Right~ I'm here to disturb the Nikon Booth again XD Yet before I could do anything, this fat guy over there had already done much with his Sony "amplifiers". Anyway, I heard that he is quiet an annoying guy =.= Haha~
And snapping his picture from the front is not a good idea. I don't want enemy XD
Okay, let's come back to Nikon counter~
Today, they are decorating their booth.
Oh, a customer? But she was not bothered. Haiya, that promoter certainly has to improve his service =) Eh? She seems odd. She... is...eating?
Hold on... She is no customer~ She's the boss who wants this renovation!
JVC: Video cameras that auto-lock themselves when dropped. Thus all data will be saved.
Nikon: Extremely famous with DSLR Cameras. How about compact digital? What do you think?
Ricoh: Cheap and high performance yet never advertisement. Who knows Ricoh anyway~
Ohya, as the result of the renovation. A glass was broken =p See~

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