McDonald's vs Burger King


McDonald's has been so famous for decades in Malaysia that some of the Malaysian do not even realize that Burger King exists. I mean this is true when we have to admit the true power and influence of McD advertisement in Malaysia. In fact, Burger King is more famous oversea same goes to Domino'sPizza. Thus in Malaysia, everything seems to be overturned =.= sweat~

Let's see what McD does =D First, they invite customers by distributing coupons, which simply deducting one ringgit~ Yes, one ringgit only!
After including taxes, a RM10 note is still not enough =D Cheap? Nah~
Being famous is one thing, which made the service worse. Since everyone is busy doing their work, they don't even smile to you or do according what you ask.
Customer: "Can I change the chicken wing to something else?"
Ans: "No!"

How rude!
Here they go back to job and we are not pleased.
By the way, do you guys realize that McD meals have become smaller and smaller? I mean all their burgers, chicken and fries.

Meanwhile for burger king~
Maybe they are too free that they will start a 'chit-chatting' session with customers.
Okay, that's not the main part. The stunning part is...
Burger king's burger is two times larger than the usual one. Tada~
So which one is more worth? McD or Burger King? Both of them have pros and cons but I like Burger King now. Tastier and bigger^^

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[~*Erlina~*] said...

but burger king is slightly more expensive mah...

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