This post is to promote KFC initially, until I was disappointed by their food they served. Haiz, they have been so 'KiamSiap' (Stingy).

Dah lah expensive, lagi kecil!~
(Not only it's expensive, it's tiny!~)

Are thinking that they are feeding 3 year old child? Or 2 year old dog? Actually, I don't mind their prices if they are filling. Now, I will never step into KFC anymore.
Luckily this meal was treated by Cathy as she owes me last time. Haiyo, I'm still waiting for my salary increment T.T
You see guys... We really need to do something about this kind of service. If our food is getting smaller yet the price is getting larger, and we never mind it, one day we will be like this crow.

Get ready to ban those who are ought to be banned! Hahaha~

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