Japanese Snack

My mom and elder sister went to Japan last week. Initially, the plan was visiting my younger sister who is currently there but they ended up touring instead XD According to them, Japan is indescribably classy and hygienic. Compared to Malaysia, no eye see =.= Plus, Japanese are tremendously civilized with courtesy even to the extent of a shopkeeper was willing to abandon his shop, leading my family when they were lost. In fact, no one will be stealing goods in the shop while the shopkeeper is gone.

Parenthetically, I heard there is a convenient shop far away at Fuji Mountain. The specialty of it is that the shop is opened with plenty of goods without anyone "guarding" it. Thus all customers will just leave the money at the counter when they fetch something from the shop. Unbelievable? This could never happen in other country than Japan I believe.

Sign~ I missed this trip when school was actually carrying Mid-Term Test. You know, I was thinking of giving up the tests but my mom barred me. Sad!

Anyway, they bought snack from Japan. Healthy snack indeed where I taste no plastic or wax XD
Last but not the least, their Japanese Fruit Sake. It tastes sweet, cooling yet warming... Don't know how to describe lar XD
If you have the chance, you must visit Japan to experience the meaning of paradise.


Independent Queen said...

that fruit sake can make people drunk or not?

leo7_lion said...

Can, both my parent drunk. Haha, but I can still tahan after half a bottle XD

reen said...

lol. i havent open the sake, and the calbee snacks..i havent open also

Baby said...

your descriptions make me feel like going now

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