Fluid Visualization

We are now doing practical lab which we are to visualize the flows of fluid in various situation. Imagining fluid flow in our nostril when we have flu, or H1N1. In fact, This lab test is the easiest way for us to get infected by H1N1 when moisture fills the air. Anyhow we are safe!
After distributing the task, we began the test. All that we ever needed - water and blue ink.
We have no idea how much this ink cost but certainly we need a lot of this to operate the test.
First of all, we pore this dirty ink into the cup.
Then we open the tab.
And spill the ink~ Argh Haha, that was an accident.

Now, allow me to show you the beauty of fluid flow.
Smiling Face
Sad Face
What's this?

This test seems easy but failure may occurs too. Watch~
The overflow of ink destroys the stream XD

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