Twisties vs Crispy

This post is specially prepared for dear cousin, Irene.

Dong! Dong!!


Not long ago, we went for 'ais kacang' without 'kacang'. I hope you know what is 'ais kacang' or I shall replace it with 'Ice Nuts' =D Okay, Ice Nuts is...

Back to the main part~

At the stall, she was giggling and I asked her why. She said:

"Snap these, I want to blog about it~ Haha"

Yea, she meant it and she does posts 3-4 posts a day like me in the past. So why do we post so many within 24 hours? Because we love to share what we know and we share the truth =)

P.S: Irene's post


iriene said...

You all r very creative...
Good, good! Then we can enjoy reading all ur blogs. Truly, tks for sharing.

Ewin Ee said...

lol crispy!

reen said...

u write d.. i x need write liao

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