Tony Roma's

Today, I'm introducing you the best Ribs ever!! Found in Tony Roma's!!

Oopz~ Maybe I shouldn't say 'best' for I've not try all ribs from every single corner on Earth. Nevertheless, this is in 'deserved to be praised' category. Oh ya, my mom and elder sister are going to tour Japan. Initially, they invited me but I was not in the mood of going. As soon as I was recovered, it's been too late. Damn!

I shouldn't miss it!!!

Blah~ Back to Tony Roma's. Dad ordered a RM99.00 ribs which is humongous in both serving size and price XD

Do you realize how huge they are? Compare them with source bottles, pepper/salt tubes =.= Sometimes, being huge is one thing. Being scrumptious is another matter to define.

However, they did not fail to kindle my joy of dining. Yum! Yum!

I ordered Vanilla Milk shake for my beverage. It's cool~ Worth for its creamy soup!

This is the end of a quarter of cattle. Sorry for we have to slaughter and eat you =(

Anyway, this Tony Roma's is in Cineleisure ground-floor main door to the left^^ You can find it~

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[~*Erlina~*] said...

how many ppl eating wor???
i dun dare to eat too much..
cause sked heaty...

Lisa717 said...

wualamak..being invited to Japan oso dun wan??? this 1 cannot be la..

anyway~ those ribs look nice lo..the price shud be cossy rite??

Anonymous said...

i went there once at the curve.. or cineleisure.. not sure..
nice food! =D

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