Terminator Domino

I didn't know Domino was promoting Terminator until today so I guess I was a little out-dated =.= Whatever~ I'm not terminator addict anyway for they are giving out their limited edition glasses for collection. Their gifts never buy my heart^^ Hehe...
Here is my story. Elder brother wants to treat me Domino's Pizza for my brilliant job of assisting him in previous days. Neither does him know about this Terminator Promotion yet we remained luckless. All those glassy collection were had already gone. I mean 'gave out'.

In the end of the day, what we obtained were~
Boxes =.= Of course they are not empty =P Look at the dark black box. Cool right? I prefer them changing all those old design to this new one^^ How about you? I believe everyone likes something new indeed. Blah~
This is Domino's Garlic Bread. The best Garlic Bread among those which are selling in the market. Pizza Hut have to 'Gambate' in order to beat this one =)
Peperoni Extra Cheese Pizza! People often claims that cheeses are fattening. I'm believing but still I love cheese very much.

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Anonymous said...

when u eat domino's garlic bread, shouting 'UMAI' is a must!!!haha..

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