On The Run

I'm sure many of you have heard about this "On The Run" convenient store and my story today is... actually a random post =P Haha~ Don't worry, I will keep you entertained.

Right, I always consider "On the Run" it as an upgrade version of 7eleven^^. Both of them are usually found in our dearest petrol stations. I mean the petrol price is dear yet we can't live without them =.=
Aha! Caught them for their bad maintenance! Oh my goodness, my picture clarity is bad. Anyway, the circle projects the missing 'R' as it should be 'V-Power Racing'. Some of the workers must have stripped it off to show anger due to unsatisfying pay =D Ya, I'm just crapping~
Back to convenient store matter. You see, 7eleven and "On the Run" vend similar goods but "On the Run" emphasizes on interior design and I feel like I'm in Atlantica when they paint it blue~
Where am I? I'm drown of course =.=
Aside from the goods that they sell, "On the Run" provides us internal Cafe to dine as well. Guess what? Their Chicken Rice is scrumptious! I'm serious! Maybe they are sponsored by Ayam Mas and I just love Ayam Mas.
Yum, you can consider to dine here but please don't blame me if the food doesn't satisfy you =) I'm just recommending it according to my lousy tongue. Haha~

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