Switch to Mozilla Firefox


I was once a loyal Window Explorer server before I met with Mozilla Firefox. Well that was because I have been using it since my first PC many years back. In the past, window explorer was satisfying until I started to blog. You see, many bloggers apply add-on objects where window explorer could not really cope up with them.

One is Adbrite another one is Adroll and then blogger's gadget the 'Follower'.

In fact, I started using Mozilla Firefox not because of blogging. That time, I was stuck with window explorer which certain video format was not supported and I was so desperate to watch a drama. Under that circumstances, it got me no choice but to download Firefox. Ever since, Firefox has been proving itself a better service^^

For those who are still using window explorer, I suggest you to try Mozilla Firefox. It maybe hard for you to switch your cup of tea but hereby I testify that Firefox is indeed much better than window explorer.


Irene said...

lol. true.

firefox is better. i abandon IE since 1-2 yrs ago

BooNMiNG said...

you should try GOOGLE CHROME!! :P

I'm their big supporter!! hehe... i abandon IE ever since.. only use it when they force me to download something using it..

Anthea said...

i love mozilla firefox too hahaa

vivalive said...

Yea..should use google chrome!

Me said...

I tried Google chrome. But feel weird weird 1 =P

Vicky Pang Weiqi said...

I love firefox too.

Anonymous said...

firefox is the best! =D

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