My garden of thoughts

This time, I'm bringing you walking around my garden, sharing flowers that I'd grown =) I've been in blogosphere for 10 months and I couldn't believe time just passes me so swiftly. Sometimes I wish I could be a time traveler.

'Hiro Nakamura'
Do you guys watch “Heroes”? Yea, I want to be 'Hiro Nakamura' (Master of Time and Space) that I were able to erase every single history that I do not pleased. You see, human can't walk without leaving footprints behind them yet not all footprints are colored. Agree or not, life is a one way ticket.
Most people were hunted by cursed days back then. I am one of the victims. Certain things that are to be forgotten but the marks never fade, thus creating nightmares forming obstacles ahead of us.
My first flower here, dreams. Everyone have dreams. Nevertheless, achieving them is another story to tell. Will ‘hardworking’ serve us? You see… One could be wise, but he may not be filled; one could be skillful, but he may not strive. What matters is the ‘chance’ given by God. Grab them!
My second flower, chain. Sometimes, I just couldn’t be my true self. We can’t deny that people do gossip, smoke screening the truth. Even the extend of doing (giving) something for a good friend can be their game. Retreating is not what I desire but I been chained by people taking advantages of my deeds. Stress? It’s not a good thing to have…

My third flower, thoughts. Mind control is not my ability but I wish I could have it. Indeed, it's impossible to understand one's thought since oneself might not understand his neither. Only if I can understand how people think, I could have step in the correct path, making a bloom in their lives.
My forth flower, challenge. To be able to grow in challenge is a gift. I’d learned skills but I never practice them if I have not conquer over my laziness. No matter who we are, the road ahead is only for our own to walk. Better start walking.

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