Dota - Faceless Void, DarkTerror Guide

This hero is very powerful when you emphasize on attack speed meanwhile having Time Lock/Bash. Therefore, you must have him power tread (any element) as fast as possible and be brave enough to attack and kill but please don't be feeder. Any damaging items is suitable for this hero but I suggest 3 wraith band at early game to give sufficient damage, life and attack speed and remember of Ancient Tango of Essifation. Next, you'll have power tread, vanguard, satanic, butterfly and buriza.

For Skills, Time Walk (1st skill) and Time Lock (3rd skill) is important to chase and kill. Focus Backtrack (2md Skill) the least because this skill is almost useless depending on your luck. Ultimate, Chronosphere is to put a time stop to an area for you to kill. Learn it once you are level 6.Basically, what you need to focus on this hero is his speed and attack. [Back to Menu]

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migz500 said...

your stupid man...basher dosent work with faceless void's time lock your stupid!!

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