KFC with Friends

My friends often say me 'gila punya' (crazy)
'Whatever thing also must take picture~'
Tapi (But) I really apa pun(whatever also) take picture
Because I want blogging not gila (crazy)

Nice Poem? Lol... This time, I'm talking about me and my friend dining at KFC! Well, this post is a little outdated as it happened few days before my Moral Exam =P I was not able to post it at that particular time due to my lost cable T.T Anyway, today's Moral Exam is a 'bless~ing'. I really hope the rest of the papers would be exactly like this. I'm not talking about myself getting an 'A' for this subject =) Just that, it never stressed my brain to crap on the sheets. All thanks will be given unto (1) God and PapaMama must be first, hm~ (2) Prayers and wishes from all readers~ and (3) Whoever that contribute^^
By the way, Moral is tested in Malay language but I noticed some English wording exists in texts while reading. Whatever, happy me^^
Meanwhile... Few days ago(Thursday), TeckWei, Den, YiZhong, WeiJie and I went to this KFC restaurant at Genting Klang. We were deciding to have something grand before examination^^ Guess what?
This place was empty student and fully 'lepak'ers (Wanderers) =P You see, all students went McDonalds as they could refill their drinks there while studying^^ If KFC were to have this service too, we certainly have sky raining blood. Means impossible~
We ordered a family bucket to be shared among 5 big eaters. 15 pieces of 'kue bak' (chicken) in total.
And this KFC is such a miser. All 'Kue Bak' are so tiny. Thank God that my friends were fully fed. Haha~ One meal won't make us fat^^
Next, about the cups. Comparison between the largest cup in KFC and the smallest. Aiyor~ The small size cup really suitable for keeping contact lens. Joking =P Not funny, I know =.=


Lisa717 said...

u r damn funny lo..wat the lil cup can put contact lens..adui, it's stil big enuff leh~~

well, glad that u did well in ur Moral!! Wishing u the best of luck to get A for it ya^^

Anonymous said...

KFC my favourite!
zinger burger! haha..

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