Yeelin Complain Me

Basically, what's her complain about?

"Why you pass me the Friends Award you didn't specific my BIG NAME one?!"

Swt~ I thought I did mentioned that I'm passing this award to those who know me in person. But she was 'bo kam buan' (unsatisfied) thus I say,

"Okay, I'll post another one."

"Haiyo! Don't want like that! You must put my name inside that post!"

"Swt, you bising (make noise) again I'll post about you complaining."

"Okok, but you must put my link one lor."


So this is it, i did according to what she asked me to. I so 'Ting Hua' (Obedience) ler~ Special Award to YeeLin, Blogger-Complainer Award!

[PS: This award I ownself draw one ler!]

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