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MSDN One of my friends just introduced me this website that concerns everything about Microsoft Technology. Being the fact that not all matters about Microsoft are well known to us, this site become a newsletter meanwhile a teacher to filled in the blank of our knowledge.

In addition, this website also provide accurate download links and highlights.
TechNet"A page visit speaks a thousand words" I'm not trying to boast this website by making my post interesting although it might seems necessary. Anyway. long talk no point is useless =) My way to lead you there is to click on the images above either msdn or TechNet.

You'll soon learn and master Microsoft information with your first step into this website.

Subcribe: msdn / TechNet


Kawaii said...

That's a informative site, Thz... Btw, I like your 'direct'ness, no spamming around.

MondayM said...

I tried the link that you gave and they leads me to sites something like blogs~ Anyway, it's informative. TQs

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