Sami in School

What is this in my school and who's idea is this? It must be one of Buddhist Society idea to convert all students here to monk. Hahaha... As far as I know, Buddhist Society is the most active society among all. As far as I know... As far~ There is a practice among my sibling, we use to address monk as "Sami Tong" (Monk Tong). Why? There is a film 'journey to the west' by Doremon we used to watch it frequently and repeatedly. Shizuka who is the female photogonist always mention that name and thus we were stucked by the name of "Sami Tong" ever since. Okay, no nonsense and I bet no one would wanna place their head in it except...
YeeLin lar... But she is too short to fit her head in. Lol~
Time to flee after class~ SeatBelt is certainly a troublesome matter =.=


Yee Lin said...

Woi woi woi!!
You didnt tell me that you'll post this. >.<

bluedreamer27 said...

hello there its nice to be here in your blog.....
gheeeh i love doraemon we keep on watching doraemon every day
i love the character of Novita who's always bullied
by the way can we exlinks?
im done putting your link in my blogroll
have a great day and happy blogging
will be here again

leo7_lion said...

Ok but which blog is it?

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