Fabulous Blog Award

I received this award from Aryapradipta saying my blog is Fabulous! Wow, I'm so happy ^^v Of course, this thanks to my fellow readers who support me ever since 0-('v' )-0

Still, I think there is need of further improvement to my blog. Please give me some advice everyone =) If my blog doesn't satisfy you, please enlighten me. I love to know more about my readers' opinion anyway ^^

Ohya, I have to pass this award to another 10 bloggers which their blogs are to be fabulous as well~ It doesn't matter who's on top or below. I don't rate people, I just categorize people =P

GorgeousOl'Eve!! You won't get away without being awarded! Okay, GorgeousOl'Eve talks about her travel life and lots of my friends including me love to read it. I'm glad to know her^^

Erlina!! You are next!! She is a straight forward school girl (I suppose) Erlina expresses herself in her blog. I can't recall when I get to know her but I know it is long time ago.

Dez!! My dear brother!! Not biological brother although... Dez is a cook, and he has a pet but just lost her recently. During new year, he greeted me without wishing me "HNY" through msn. Swt!

Hitomi!! Just get to know her recently and that was my loss!! If I were to know Hitomi earlier that I could enjoy more of her post... 'Fabulous' doesn't goes for nothing =)


Aiyo! If I listed out only 10 bloggers name, those who are not in it sure complain me like what YeeLin did =.= swt. Thus I leave 6 slots to you (readers) to decide whom shall I pass it to. Fair enough? Your comment please~


Yee Lin said...

Wei you like that. Again!
You wanna leave slots also you key in my name first ma!
I dowan so tak malu fill the blanks on my own ma.
You fill it with my name kenot wan meh?? "@

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I missed this!! You didn't tell me about it LOL

Thank you for the award ya ;)

leo7_lion said...

Lol, I knew you guys would come^^

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