Winkler's method for Dissolved Oxygen

This time, we are studying the DO of water using Winkler's method. Basically, the reagents that we need are POISONs! Right, they are bad towards human body=P
These are thrown tools. How wasting =.=... But I hope they recycled it somehow.
Talking about wasting. There is more to come. We as students usually don't safe the cost for any experiment since we did paid for them.
This is our sample water obtained. It looks dirty and indeed it's not clean =P
Kok Sheng is the most hardworking member in my group. He did almost all the experiment.
To understand DO in water is important so that we know if the water is safe for us human. Anyway, I'm the most lazy member today as I was just standing there doing nothing. Haha... Any question concerning this experiment, you can ask me^^

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