Valentine's Day

This one is for Valentine's Day preparation, enjoy!!!

In this day, I will be helping my friends to guide a Japz Gang for KL tour and I can't wait for that day(14 Feb) to come!! No worry, I will tell whatever happen in my post to come. I'm sure it will be interesting^^

By the way, I went to school for my lab research today. Guess what? I got the wrong test sample! Right, it was my fault for my group to repeat that research again next week. Sad ler~ Because I've to admit that I'm extremely lazy to repeat the 'work' =P

Meanwhile I'm happy to see my friend list growing. In order not to disappoint my friends I'll motto gambate to make my blog interesting. ^^v

Wish you all healthy and happy always~


Xjion89 said...

Omg, tat is so funny@ haha, tat is y single is the best!

leo7_lion said...

Haha, u r single? Then u can get Ang Pao!! watch the video below^^

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...



You have nice blog Leo!

BTW, agree with Xjion89..single is the best...=)

...and no one give me Ang Pow lol~

Yee Lin said...

This is soooooooo freaking funny!!!
I laughed non stop after i've watched it.
Credit to you LianWei!8D

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