This is Me

First of all, I admit that I'm blur. Yep! BLUR~ Being the fact of I can hardly memorise people's name, I often record them in my cell for 'own' safety. Then, I met Xiang Jie (Coursemate). I shook his hand and of course greeted him~

Me: "What your name har?"
Xiang: "Har? How come you don't know my name?"
Me: "Most probably I never ask before..."
Xiang: "But I know Yours..."
Me: "Am I that Famous? So tell me what's mine."
Xiang: "You are XXX, I'm Xiang Jie."
Me: "Oh! I recalled! I did asked before. Sorry! Sorry!"
Xiang: "Heartless..."
Me: "Please don't be mad. Okay! Let me record down your cellphone number so that I could remember your name easier."
Xiang: "Hey! We exchanged phone number before..."
Me: "Is it?" Check Check Check~

Me: "Oop! Yea... We did." =.=
Xiang: T.T

Aik! Why am I telling you my embarrassing moment here! Right, maybe it was because of you don't know who I really am or we won't even have the chance to meet =) Haha...

Now, enjoy my second 'blur'ness...

Last week, I went to stay over my aunt's house and I almost lost my pendrive which my important report was in it. I searched up and down for the whole sunny day until I was about to give up at night. And guess where I'd finally found it...

Can you find it in this picture? If you can't, you have the same 'blur'ness as mine. Haha... Btw, it was there all the time and I did passed through it a lot.

My current life had become busier and pitier T.T... Assignments, Tests, Lab Reports... I have even less time to blog now... Okay, let's hope that I can still manage to find time here.I hate reports and assignments. They consumes much of my time. Lucky for those who don't because all they do is just to copy from those who make efforts. So unfair right? But what can I do? I'll still need to smile and joke in front of them. Life dear life~
I sent my report softcopy to YeeLin for outside printing. But it was not cheap... I admit that I'm a quiet a miser but I've to do that in order to survive. Everything in my country just suddenly increase their price values, especially food...
Quality and quantity, I may just choose quantity. But some of my friends like to boast and they think that they are cool. Haiz, immature...

It sounds like I'm complaining here. Heh~


Anyway, I'd just discovered something funny about Melati Utama Lrt station. One of the ticket scanning machine went hyper-active! Usually, we insert the tickets and it will ejects them after scanning through. This time, it shoots the tickets high to the sky after scanning them. Wow!
Interesting isn't it? If you are not prepared for the catch, the ticket might just fly far and away~


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