Dota - Morphling Guide

This hero is very powerful. He can turned into a strength hero at the same time Agility hero. Having longer life at initial game is important. Thus, get 3 Gauntlet of Strengths and Ancient Tango of Essifation first. Earn as much money as possible and soon you're ready for you key item. You can buy any items that increase your strength or agility stats. Please do not buy Battle Fury at this hero is not a melee type. Emphasize on building stats than damage, you'll need them to compromised with your skills.

For Skills, all skill are important for this hero. You can upgrade Waveform (1st skill) which done a great damage. Adaptive Strike (2nd skill) helps you to stun at early game and damage at middle game. Morph (3rd skill) is very important. If you're not sure of how to use it, exchange for 1000+ life is always enough depending on who you're fighting at. By this, you can have more damage to fight. While chasing an enemy, exchange for unlimited agility for ultimate damage. While you're dying, immediately exchange for unlimited life and escape. Ultimate, Replicate. This Ultimate is useful when you target on a powerful hero. You'll gain extra support in your battle.

This hero is very fun using. [Back to Menu]

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