BOD and COD Lab Report

Here we are again in this laboratory as we failed that experiment during our first attempt. We collected extremely contaminated water and turn out results unreadable. Keke... Lesson learnt: Don't play with dirty water. After realising our mistake, we redo the experiment yet YaChie accidentally washed away other group's test samples. =.= I bet that particular group members are head aching now... Lol^^Now in repeated experiment, I requested my group members to post while doing the experiment so that I can blog here. Haha... I really can't stand this KokChee face. Want to hit him. Haha...By the way, this is Potassium Dichromate, a golden oxidation agent. Jensen is doing the one-hand Pipeting. Professional huh~ But please do not be misled by him, Pipet is suppose to be held with both hands. It's been 2 years we last dealt with chemical stuffs. Hard to get things in hand^^
While they were doing the hard job, I do the easy job, data collector^^
And you know what? We still get it wrong at the end of the day =P Hahahhaha!!
This is the result that we should get but we didn't. Still, we are better than Yeelin's group where two of her BOD bottles turn black and smell stink! Hahaha!

Anyway, this experiment is very interesting and we learnt a lot.


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leo7_lion said...

Use the stirrer from the tool that specifically measures BOD of sample water. One important thing is that make sure no bubbles trapped inside your bottles. If your bottles are bubble free, then shake them if you feel like but that is not necessary =)

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