Seo Gung Korean Restaurant

Going Mentakab with Brother Kwek always eat the best. For dinner, we had Seo Gung at SS2, Petaling Jaya. It's a second floor restaurant ruled by a Korean Boss.
Korean Food is not cheap know, a meal that we don't usually have. Maybe this applies only for me =P
This is my first time seeing those long things hanging down from the ceiling. Well, it's not ceiling light but vacuum to suck the heat.
This is how it will be used. It is not as power as vacuum cleaner or else our foods will be all gone. We ordered a set meal for 4 and it was about RM88++ excluding taxes.
We were served with 3 types of meat: Chicken, beef and pork. I love beef the best!
Here, the meats were cut and it was done by the waiter. This is what service tax is for. Not just simply wiping tables and food sending like what we usually see in Old Town or other restaurant.
The set meal comes together with lots of side dishes. Almost all are refillable and they will be refilled by the waiters upon finishing. This makes the service tax even worth paying.
Gamsa-Hamnida for visiting^^


Jason Law said...

Hey ~! This one... I went there before with my sister. The price is so reasonable and affordable~ Love the place, hope to go there again ^^

niar said...

seems so delicious.
I never ate Korean food

renaye said...

ooh looks yum!

i usually go to bee won in korean village, ampang for my korean fix. but i have not been there for 6 months already! i love kimchi!

leo7_lion said...

I really hope that I can get to eat there again for the second time^^

Dezz said...

Wow! those were looks delicious!!! I hope I can eat all these kinds of food hahaha.. I think some of this were so spicy? I'm not a big fan of spicy food make me cry hahaha.. My sister who is living in Korea now she's a better eater of Korean food!

Yoki Yoki said...

yeah yeah yeah...I miss Seo Gung too...haha..Last year November my friend's birthday we enjoy the food and the boss is so friend get a special gift also from the boss..

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