How to play MahJong

MahJong is one of our favorites games during Chinese New Year. Well, not only when it's Chinese New Year. In film especially the Hong Kees, you can see the old as well as the young are playing. It is an ideal game for time spamming =)

We don't really care where this game was originated from (Should it be China or Hong Kong? Nothing to do with us) Hehe... This game needs at least 3 players and maximum of 4. [13-tile each for 3 persons and 16-tile each for 4 persons] (What is tile? Tile is shown in picture above^^)

So how do we play Mahjong(4 persons)?
-Random the tiles by mixing them together.
-Each player arrange a double layers 19 columns as shown above.
-Determine the host by throwing the dices (Only for the first game. The winner of first game will host for the next game) Counting oneself as 1 [clockwise].
-Host determines the second dice thrower by throwing the dices again.
-The second dice thrower throws the dices to determines where host shall collects the tiles.
-Starting from the host, everyone draw 4 tiles by turn [anti-clockwise] for 3 rounds. At the forth round, host takes 2 tiles with a skip in the middle [1st layer] whereas the rest take only 1.
-Once the game starts, each player take turns to draw and discard the tile.
-The draw sequence can be interrupted and rearranged by the bid of "Tse","Pung", and "Gaung", or the game can be finished by any player declaring "Hu" (Mahjong).

Tile Type
Bamboo Suit (1st row)
Numbers Suit (2nd row)
Circle Suit (3rd row)

Honor Suit:
The Dragon Tiles. Green Dragon, Red Dragon, and White Dragon. (5th row left)
The Wind Tiles. East Wind, South Wind, West Wind, and North Wind. (4th row left)
The Flower Tiles. Red Flower Suit and the Black Flower. (4th and 5th row right)
The Animal Suit. (Below)

Getting Points
You get to collect points when players started to discard tiles.

A "Tse" contains 3 tiles in numerical sequence of the same suit. An example of "Tse" is 5, 6, 7 of Circles. The Honor Suit Tiles, Flower Suit Tiles and Animal Tiles cannot be used in a Tse. However, you can only perform "Tse" when the player before you discard the tile you want or you wanted to "Hu" the game.

A "Pong" contains 3 tiles of the same number and suit. An example of a "Pong" is 5, 5, 5 of Circles. The Flower Suit Tiles and Animal Tiles cannot be used in a "Pong".

A "Gaung" contains 4 tiles of the same number and suit. The Flower Suit Tiles and Animal Tiles cannot be used in a "Gaung".

An "Eye" contains 2 tiles of the same number and suit. You'll need an "Eye" in order to get "Hu". The Flower Suit Tiles and Animal Tiles cannot be used as an "Eye"..

A "Hu" is when you have an "Eye" and all 3 tiles properly "Pong" or "Tse". You win the game.


alien said...

complicated !!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Way tooooo complicated.

leo7_lion said...

It's like rubik's cube. You'll know how to play once you get your hands into it.


I post it way to complicated =.=...swt...Hehe

Jocelyn said...

wow... mahjong lessons.. need to hire a tutor? LOL!! i charge reasonably =x

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