Chat with Dez

It was 00:00 sharp today that a msn dialog suddenly pop out to my screen. Who is this person who named himself Dez which is exactly the name as one of my blog friends? Could it be him? I said to myself...

Right, it is him. Surprise! This is my first time chatting with a friend from blog through msn^^

Well, this is how we started.

d e z says:
din go out ar? haha

Cornelius says:
u r?

d e z says:
LoL... u left a msg in my chatterbox but dun recognize my name? lol

it's beaned here.. ring a bell ?
Cornelius says:

i recon ur name dez
but i dono is u not
d e z says:
Cornelius says:

Then we continued...

I was waiting for him to wish me a new year but he didn't until we're saying bye bye to each He has forgotten I supposed thus I started wishing then. In the end, we became brothers. This is my first new year gift. Wow!~

His blog []


Jason Law said...

You had your first chat with blogger in the new year..

Happy new year 2009 ! ^^

leo7_lion said...

Yup! my first gift =)

Happy New Year

niar said...

hi Elendil,,,
happy new year 2009. hopefully your day is great than before. May God always follow you and your family..
ps. it's nice chat, more friend, more world.

Dezmond said...


Dezmond said...

Happy BELATED New Year BRO! haha..

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