Ban this Restaurant in PV6 Taman Melati

Everyone in my country know that fuel price has decrease recently. However, food price which had been raised due to past fuel price increment does not decreases its price as it supposed to. Everyone working in the food field are thinking of earning more and more meanwhile we the outsiders' monthly salaries remain the same.

Here is one of the places which follows the 'money loving' trend. If you stay at Taman Melati or you leave here, you know this place very well. Maybe you didn't notice this problem as you might be an easy going person. As for me, I must reveal what is wrong!!!
This place is located at B Block. You can see that it's simple and sometimes empty. Only those couples who willing to pay much for little food eat there. And I don't think this is romantic but stupid.
Firstly when you order beverage, they will serve you one small bowl of soup. Thus if you didn't, you eat only the rice. What is this!? Isn't soup supposedly comes together with rice? Then one of my friends said that if the soup comes together with rice, no one will order beverage. So what's wrong if this is true? Can't they earn by doing so? Why other restaurants can do it but this one can't? The fact is, they are TOO MUCH!!
Talking about the rice which is RM4.50, the price value is normal but the amount of food is abnormal. A small bowled rice accompanied by a single dish. Plus, how many tiny fish fillets they serve for the dish? Look above! Don't you think it's not worth? This does not applies only for fish fillets but also for others such as chicken, they serve 50% bones 50% meat with the amount shown like above.
Now, the one who are cleaning the table is the boss. A big greed. Realise this people! If you continue to support this act then you're making your life worst ahead. This applies to anyone at any country! When we see something goes out of the track, we must do something about it. Maybe you say that you can't change what's going on but do you still remember on how we fight for fuel price decrement? That time we worked together and this spirit shall move on. Therefore things will change.
We are not in this world for nothing. But if you live and care for no one then you are truly nothing!

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