Nuffnang & Innit

At the very beginning, I blog just for fun as I was inspired by friend. I never thought of joining any Blog Advertising Community at all. Then comes Nuffnang which was recommended by the same person. It was quiet a good idea that we blog and at the same time earn something.

As time passes, I met lot other bloggers of the world. They thought me more than I what could learn and finally, this is what I am now^^

Nuffnang works pretty well especially with their most attractive image ads. I do believe people prefer seeing picture than words. Am I wrong? However, things are not as simple as you think it is... One day as I came across someone's blog, I saw someone commenting on this image ads.

For me, it was just a normal ads inviting people to get their friends together. But for them, they say something else which would not be pleased to be written in my blog. Haha~

Beside this matter, there is another factor which I feel like sharing. It is the innit, a forum like site where bloggers can post up their URL. It does shows the rank of which post is most preferred. Guess what? Click the image below and see for yourself.

Well, I'm not saying that I don't like the service, just the community themselves said that they only approve healthy blogs but now...=.=

Anyway, man are hard to be changed. Only he himself can change himself. Right? Haha...

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NoktahHitam said...

That is what happen if no one controls or administer the site usage. One thing you have to admit, SEX SELLS!

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