Don Kaiten

Brother Kwek brought us to Klang Parade for lunch during our day to Mentakab. We knew he wanted to eat Japanese Food as he kept looking at the Japanese restaurant when passing by. And so it was decided. A Japanese food a day, keep the temptation away~

Genki Sushi has closed down. Currently, Don Kaiten is running the business.

This is Irene.
This is Me.
And this is Naomi.

Actually, I have the picture of Brother Kwek but he doesn't want me to post here. Lolz...Since he was the one paying for the bill, I rather obey him.

This was what Irene ordered. How will it tastes like? Em... Should ask Irene then...
Mine - Unagi Tamago Don. Very delicious indeed!
This is for brother Kwek and Naomi. Japanese style of Chicken Rice. It is good but my Unagi Tamago Don is better^^ I manage to taste is because Naomi couldn't finish it. Lolz...

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