Dota - Axe, Mogul Kahn Guide

This is the easiest hero I ever meet. All you have to do is first buy 2 Stout Shields. Focus on getting the first Vanguard then the second. After that, make yourself as tankable as you can by adding your strength with suitable items such as Heart of Terrasque, Satanic or Sange and Yasha. If you are rich enough, get an Assault Cuirass too. You can play with Lothar Edge if you want to.

For skills, focus on Counter Helix(3rd Skill) and Berserker's Call(1st skill). The Battle Hunger(2nd Skill) is not really useful when you encounter with non-mage heroes, so don't waste your time thinking about it. I don't have to talk about the Ultimate skill right? Just get it when you're lv6 and use it at the correct timing.

This hero is super easy to use when you know the trick. I guarantee you'll get bored after using him for sometimes. [Back to Menu]


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