Crying Season

I don't know what's with my pendrive as it suddenly corrupts all my photos T.T This is the reason I skipped posting yesterday. Sorry yar friends,

Ok, let's have some nonsense. Today, elder brother, elder sister and me went to Giant Mall to shop for mineral water. Weird right? Not really wanna tell the reason why. Heh... In the meantime, we found one ideal product from Japan. It's actually a Pudding Box with a design of Piggy Bank.

After finishing the Pudding inside, you can actually used the case for your coins. Deduce rubbish right? Cool~ I did took the picture of the whole Pudding case but the picture corrupts =( thus unable to show you here. But allow me to describe, it's a cute bear shaped case. Just like the bear in the sticker. This part is the head. Imagine lar...Hehe

Here are the bottles of mineral water. These cheap designed bottle, price also cheap =) Whereas those fat -or- square -or- snake shaped bottles... Wow~ Expensive. For what? After drinking it can fly is it? Waste money... Oops, maybe you also buying those that I'd mentioned above. Sorry, no mean to offense but just to spam~ Heh... We need laughter in life aren't we~

I wonder what are the differences of the water in different brands. I thought water is supposed to be tasteless =)
This thing over here not cheap. Drink everyday can helps you go heaven faster. Hahahahah...


niar said...

I think oxygen water indeed the best choice. But why you should buy in the big number?
nice alternative for pudding cup.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I hpe you are done with your crying.
I drink a lot of water everyday.
How was your weekend, Leon?

bluedreamer27 said...

haha yeah i keep on thinking the same thing about those brands hehe

Jason Law said...

Me too...are there more oxygen in the water?- -

Harmony said...

its the same actually.

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