Bo Bo Cha Cha, Po Piah and Ci Cong Fun

Since when I've been so addicted to blogging? =.= And my prediction was correct, blogging has stop me from Dota. Haha~

Today, I'll talk about some delicious snack that we had in our country. Below is the snack factory.
Haha~ Not really a factory, but in fact a food centre.
Everyone here speaks multi-languages. Even some languages that I don't understand. Anyway, English, Mandarin, Malay and Hokkien are just a simple matter =p Thus tourists won't find it difficult communicating with us ^^
This is my father and his Bo Bo Cha Cha. It looks plain and empty but actually it's delicious.
This is what you'll do when you eat. Cheese~
This is PoPiah. I mean the best PoPiah, you should try.
This is CiCongFun, looks like mud =P Nah~ That is what you call special!


beruk-kunyuk said...

hmm... looks so yummy...

basketchamp said...

makes me hungry.......

niar said...

hohoho...your pict makes me hungry..
in my country there's similar food like ci cong fun, Its name siomay..really delicious..
i like this post

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