Best Mi Hon Ker~

This place is hidden or maybe say 'not well-known'. Why? All thanks to CHIN HO CHIA program that was running before, recommending people to eat at Taman Rashna which is so NORMAL in TASTE!

Initially, I have no intention to promote this place until my brother kept on boasting about Taman Rashna Mi Hon Ker. (What is it called in English?)

Well, this is the story
The day before yesterday, he brought us all to eat Mi Hun Ker at Taman Rashna and he was boasting nonstop. Then, I suggested that we have Mi Hun Ker again for the following dinner but in this 'Hidden' place.

A place where it is as old as antique. For Klang people, this restaurant is just opposite Primary School of Meru near Klang Parade. Ngor Jie Restaurant. Yee Lin should know where this place is^^ Don't judge a book by its cover. This place is so empty and I so pity them. All thanks to CHIN HO CHIA again! Talented people are often left undiscovered. Haiz...
One big bowl of Mi Hon Ker with the price below RM5.oo. Where to find such a good deal. Look at the size of chopstick and compare. But definitely everyone can finished it because it is very delicious. After trying this Mi Hon Ker, my brother silently admitted its great taste. It's better than Taman Rashan Mi Hon Ker 100%. CHIN HO CHIA must be paid to recommend there -or- I should say CHIN HO CHIA can't be trusted. Trust our own tongue better.
I don't know what they use as recipe but they the egg boil under the soup. That's why you don't see the egg on top. More things to be discover...

Want to eat this, come Klang which in Selangor, go find High School Klang then beside this school is Primary School of Meru. This restaurant is just at the area opposite the main door of this Primary School. I forget to snap some picture of the outlook =P but when there is a will, there is a way~


mYsTyLe said...

Tried there before, normal only lo. There's 1 at pandamaran even nicer, no joke.
But anyhow, everybody has different taste. Most of the food provided from Chin Ho Chiak's program aren't taste as good as they look from the show. Just a TV program.

leo7_lion said...

Yea, the taman rashna 1 very normal

Harmony said...

looks normal to me.

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