Thumbdrive into Ram

I'm having problem transferring pictures from my iPhone again...
*signed, why is it so troublesome?

Do you know that there is a way
Thumbdrive could be programmed into a Ram?
Here is the link:
However, it only works for Windows XP or lower.

And I'm not sure whether this is a trial version or a free version
as I'm currently running Vista.
*Sobbed, cannot try.
For more information, visit is the site

Please confirmed me if this software really works.
I don't feel like giving wrong information to my friends. Haha~
Bless you and feel free to visit all my friend's blogs.

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HPin said...

Cool! Thz~ let me try it out...

Serene said...

Will this really works? I never heard this

MPhui said...

Too bad my pc run vista too...Should I change back to window xp? Lol...

FTXT said...

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Anonymous said...

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