Tesco Setia Alam

This was my first time here, ever since it was opened last month. Although it is just a small mall, but to my surprise its interior design is splendid. And I really enjoy that feeling inside. If it were to be a bigger mall, maybe I'll consider quitting One Utama, Sungai Wang, Mid Valley and the rest. Other than Leisure Mall, pleasurable mall interior design is hard to find. Hm~

Colour is one of the factors that attracts me. The ceiling design and lightnings are comfortable too. Ah! I've missed one important spot here. Actually just below the escalators, there are shops and trolley stations. What I trying to say is they fully utilize the empty spaces.
Maybe my photo taking skill isn't that good but please bare with me. -Haha- This is one end of the Mall, first floor. Pet shop, stationed store, etc.
The other end, food court. All foods are gathered here. Madam Lim's Kitchen and such.
In second floor, there is a mini street just like what we usually see in Sungai Wang, specially designed. All cheaper accessories are sold here. Badges, bags, shoes, etc.
Behind the street, is Tesco itself. I never thought that it's hidden in such a place. Anyway, Good job! It makes the whole mall an interesting hide and seek.
Outside~ More shop lots and stationed stores.
Everything is proper positioned. But I guess everywhere is the same in this proper positioning matter right? -Haha-
Oh! I've missed this part too. This is the another street behind the escalators at first floor. The design is a bit like night market.

[The double-lane escalators]
Why is it like that?
I don't know... But not bad~

King's bread.
I just came to capture picture, not to buy them^^v yo!

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