Crazy Royal Palace Diary

This is my journey to Royal Palace, Jaya Palace Restaurant actually..Hehe.. Nice right this picture, was taken and edited using my iPhone.
On our way there, we saw some body's house burning.
I asked dad to purposely U-turned so that we can have a clearer view but dad nagged me =P

-Finally. we've arrived-
This is the car park.
Very expensive parking fee.

-Ting! Life door opened-
Oh! It's a wedding dinner!
Where are the bridegroom and the bride?

Too many butts blocking the way.
Let me zoom in and push those butts away~

The bride is the one wearing umbrella whereas the bridegroom is the one standing next to her.
Pretty and Handsome bo?
I dono lar~
I come to eat only.

I dono what design is this.
So not creative! Ciuh!
Jalan-jalan cari makan~
Masuk sana~
Boleh makan~

That 2 frames are ARTs~
Drawn by famous artists in kindergarten.

This is my table number, 17.
The most eye catching thing in this picture is the groundnuts.

It's a party hat!
No, it's a Songkok!
No, It's ......Sultan Songkok!
Wanshui Wanshui Wan wan shuii~

What's this?
Imitation of Ferrero Rocher~

-After much nonsenses-
It's now, time a the main dishes

1: Chap Pu Long (meaning: Many Many)
Why Chap Pu Long? Cause it's really Chap Pu Long...

2: Shark Fin Sup
No Joke! This is really Shark Fin sup!!

3: Roasted Pig
Right, Chinese love to eat pig =P
Why it looks to empty?
Cause I forgot to take its picture before eating it. Hehe...

4: Fishy
Papa said they fried it because it's not fresh enough~
Haiz, complain too much later Bong Hang Cia! (meaning: cannot eat)

5: Fried Prawns
I hate this the most!
I'm a person who is very lazy to peel off the prawn scales.
Guess what?
They stuck between my teeth!

7: Mushroom
Who's greedy hand is that?
Not my family member~ Hah!

8: Fried Rice
I got Phobia with this rice.
Still remember once somewhere in Klang,
We found a long hair inside this rice.

9: Refreshment
For Dota people,
These are not refresher orbs.

Finishing these means to say thank you and bye bye to the bridegroom and bridge. Keke!


LZ said...

Wow..a really great and grand dinner! :D
And the ferero roche is so nicely wrapped!

Thx for visiting my site! ;)

Dezz said...

Yummy Foods! I'm hungry!

Anonymous said...

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