'Lag'ness in Dota

Almost every male enjoy playing this LAN game call Dota. Or I should say we're addicted. Dota is indeed famous among us. Now to all players, I know this screen is what you most hated.


When this happen, none of us can do anything but to wait until either that particular person gets disconnected or he gets his connection back. Upon waiting, profanity might just arise. Thus to avoid this matter, player please update your computer or game host can choose to block him forever.

Sometimes, we have a worse scenario. That is when host himself is not available to support the game.


This is the end of the game. Thus for those who can not host game please don't do it. You're wasting people's time.

So girls:
This is our world. I don't know why we are designed to be liking this game. But one thing for sure, playing too much of this is no good. Have you ever heard of people dying playing Dota? Well, this is true. For guys, get yourself off the chair and do some exercises!!!


Anonymous said...

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