House Bunny gift

Earlier in the morning(10:00am),
a postman honk honk me from my sleep.
In half-awaken mood,
I opened the door.
He then gave me this packet,

Eh? What is this?
It's an express post.

Together with a letter,

Dear Member,

Thank you for joining our 'House Bunny movie contest' brought to you by MyMesra Online. On behalf of MyMesra Online, I would like to congratulate you as you have been chosen as one of our winner. I do hope that you will enjoy your gift. Keep on coming to MyMesra Online for more campaigns and interesting stuffs!

House Bunny or Bugs Bunny
Both also I never watch.
But since they are giving me this gift...
Take nia lar~

Where is this thing came from...


I can't recall what contest was it.
But I'm anyway a lucky winner.

-It states that this thing is a limited stuff-
But I don't think it suits me~
Give my sister


Ning said...

gimme some of your lucky charms wheehaha =D

Serene said...

Jealousnya!! I want too!!!

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