Elephant Instant Noodle

Today I went to a nearby Shell Petrol station for my dinner cause I'm in a rush
Toward those drivers
-I'm not taking Petrol!!-
Not draining from your daily need
Don't worry^^

I wonder around inside the 'big' mart and found this unfamiliar instant noodle
What's the name?
I can't read it but I'm sure it's not from China (Haha)
So let's call this Gajah Mee Segera/Elephant Instant Noodle

I know the picture is trying to project that the elephant is having fun with the kid
But from a consumer perspective of viewing
That elephant is seems to be tortured by the kid

Not every petrol station prepares boiled water but this one does
And it's not like those big boiler machine used for business
This makes me feels more like home
Aiyer~Choi!!! I don't want to live here...
Some of my friends told me that they like to smell petrol
But I'm telling you it's not good for health

As expected
Nothing special
Even the price is about this same as others
Just that it's funny when I think of the design
How do elephant relates to instant noodle?
Don't tell me the an noodles was made through elephant's trunk
I will vomit straight here *Uek

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