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Q-World projects a world for cute animated characters to begin with their adventure. Although it is a Chinese Culture based and its operation style is more likely to Chinese Online games, this game conducts in English. For this, the whole world can experience Chinese Online game in Q-world!

Now, the specialty of this game is player has the ability to transform into anything depending on the specific Magical system. Player can rear a pet too by buying the them. If you're lucky, you might get the an ultimate pet that the combination of attack is more powerful. In fact, some pets can be ride.


Some operation guides:
change the game into window mode
Use “Setting” selection.
Erase pop-up to windows after running game
Updated to the latest version and meet the minimum configuration requirements
Solve game with distorted screen
Use 3-D graphics acceleration support graphics card with minimum DirectX 8.1a
Solve blue screen after running game or a blank screen
Confirm graphics performance with minimum gfx2 mx400 (tnt2) and update latest version.
Check type of graphic cards
Start> settings> Control Panel> Display.
It’ll pop-up a window, click the top right of the menu "Setting" section.
Screen setting was on the middle part which is the content displayed graphics configuration.
On-Screen Keyboard
Able to prevent the illegal recording tools to ensure you account password security.
Lower PC configuration
Adjust game setting to the lowest performance for higher game speed.
Press the Print Screen key on keyboard, the picture will kept in the game directory \ element \ screenshots.
Limits on the character of the deletion
Seven day

Job tree:
-Click on picture for larger view-


Q-World Shrimp
Will obtain it once completed county’s mission.

Small Achievement
Automatically granted when your Q-world Prestige reaches 5000.

Known By Little
Automatically granted when your Q-world Prestige reaches 10000.[!]

Q-World Newbie
Automatically granted when your Q-world Prestige reaches 24000.

Young Generation
Automatically granted when your Q-world Prestige reaches 63000.

Disgraceful Lamster
Will receive this title when Fifth Ridge Strike Force Mission fail.

Impetuous Newbie
Title will be given when Fifth Ridge Strike Force Mission complete.

Small Brother / Little Sister
To get title "small brother/little sister" you need to do the boy girlquest from Ponce (Is it United?) at the beginning of the game BEFOREyou reach lvl5-6. This requires you and the opposite sex to party andlevel up to lvl10 together.- Chi_Qwan

Pervert Slayer
Player level 20 and below, received and give up mission assigned bySevenSword Town Kalimdor to kill Frenzy Pervert will receive the title.

Abnormal Human
Player level 20 and below, received and completed mission given bySevenSword Town Kalimdor to kill Frenzy Pervert will received thetitle.

Died Undead / Undead Strive
Level 20 and below, look for Kalimdor at SevenSword Town for EscapeMission,will be teleport to Mineworker Leader area once missionaccepted. You will be given 10 Minutes to return to Kalimdor alive! Ifyou return safely to Kalimdor, you will get the Undead Strive title andalso 15000 EXP; however, if you die during the quest, you will receivethe Died Undead title instead. You can retry this mission if youfailed.

Rabbit Admirer
Receive mission from Kalimdor at SevenSword Town, level 20 andbelow, reputation have to be 50 at SevenSword Town and kill 100 rabbitsin 5 minutes. Will receive title if fail.

Rabbit Sadist
Receive mission from Kalimdor at SevenSword Town, level 20 and below,reputation have to be 50 at SevenSword Town and kill 100 rabbits in 5minutes. Will receive title once mission complete. (You can ask forhelp from others. All you need to do is to find a quiet place and teamup with 5 Rangers, use monster attracts skill to attract bunch ofrabbits and attack them).

Idiot who Defeated by Bear / Newbie Bear Slayer
Receive mission from Village Chief Lady Jen at Apricot Woods, have toteam up, defeat Haemophilus Bear (BOSS will re-spawn in 8 hours). Willreceive the following title if give up mission: Idiot who Defeated byBear, if you manage to slay the bear, you will receive a Newbie BearSlayer title.

Ghost Vision
Level 30 and above, receive mission from the top of the flag whichlocated opposite of Craftsman at SevenSword Town, rewards are 250Kexperience and one Level 40 Fishbone special weapon, plus the ‘GhostVision’ Title.
1. Use Acrobacy to jump to the half opened window, jumping point is crucial.
2. Jump to roof top using acrobacy, easier than the first step.
3. Jump to the flag, you can stand at the left, right or middle of theroof as a jumping spot, these three spot is the best spot to jump, andyou need to be on top of the flag, you will get the hint later.
4. You’ll need to complete the mission alone by killing Heretic Followers, bring 99 heads back (This is a solo mission)
Attention:Please save at least 2 row before accepting this mission,you’ll need to jump on this flag when looking to Blove too. Overall,you need to climb three times for the missions.

Male Explorer / Female Pathfinder
Complete the cat mission you’ve received from the Blacksmith atSevenSword Town and look for Mollie, then jump on top of the lamp atthe Fifth Ridge to get it. It is level limited. You must do thesemissions accordingly because you will not get the current mission ifyou don’t do the previous one.

Fifth Ridge Legendary Mission <>received,you’ll need to travel to 4 places in Fifth Ridge, will get13000 experiences and the title of Explorer once mission completed.
1. Go to the middle of Vale of Falling Star(most number of leaderappears here)circle one round, it will show that the survey iscomplete.
2. Travel to Xanadu, it will state survey complete when you almost reach Tabor.
3. Circle around at a place full of cirrus at Fifth Ridge, then it’s complete.
4. Finally, go to the burning hole at North(The place of Cateran)! Alas! Survey complete!
5. Now go and get your reward of 13000 experiences now!

Apricot Woods legend mission: Get Water.
Since it is a mission from the Apricot Woods, you have to be at least at level 20 and above
Will receive the title once give up. You will get 12Y if mission complete…

Very Monster
Receive mission from Corporal at Apricot Woods, you’ll need to kill 100Grey Wolf in 10 minutes, you can't team up, mission is not availablefor player level 45 and above.
Rookie BT
Receive mission from Fifth Ridge Bandit, at least 2 person and above toteam up and all player are in level 15 and above, all team members haveto leave one row at mission column, then team leader will activate themission, please make sure the team leader will not disconnected. Resignfrom the team or else mission considers fail. This mission is to kill999 Momo Rabbits, will receive a level 20 Hoe and a title.
Beginner BT
Receive mission from the botanist at Apricot Woods, at least 2 playersand above to team up and reach in level 25 and above, otherrequirements are similar as the rookie mission requirement, kill 999Cateran and receive a level 30 rolling pole as a reward for completingthe mission.
Intermediate BT
Get mission from Anthropologist Fuin at EightMile Manor. Kill 999Bandits and get reward of Level 40 Foldstool after completed, you haveto be in level 35 to receive the mission.
Advance BT
Receive mission from clown at stigma tower, kill 999 Heretic Followers.You have to be in level 45 and above to receive the mission. Willreceive one (1) Fly Swatter as a reward.

Thousand Blade
If you are level 35 and above(I hope I’m not mistaken), get missionfrom Anthropologist Fuin at EightMile Manor, can team up, kill 1000Armed Mineworker. Will receive one level 40 Cup as a reward oncemission completed, attack is similar to Fishbone chair.

Raptured Sight
Receive mission from Jessica at SevenSword Town, you will get themission after you chat with Drinker A, B, C several times and talk toJessica.

Couplet Lord
Receive mission from Luzon at Prosperity Inn outside the SevenSword Town, match his words to get this title.

Novice Fruition
Received <> legend mission of SevenSwordTown,will received a level 10 legendary weapon after mission complete.

Take the fifth ridge challenge mission <> and report to Furdo in 5 minutes time.

Shareholder of Prosperity Inn
Micah have mission for players in level 50, collect items to completethis mission!! No title for coward who gave up, but you can stillre-accept this mission.

Human Slayer
Super BT mission,are eligible to receive this mission fromAnthropologist at EightMile at level 40, this mission is to kill 9999Pirates & 9999 Pirate Leaders, will receive 1 level 50 BT weapon -Frying Pan once mission completed.

Player will receive a mission hint automatically once kindness reacharound +10, go to the Corporal at Apricot Woods to receive this title.

ColdMask Assasin
Player will receive a mission hint automatically once kindness reacharound +100 , go to the Corporal at Stigma Tower to receive this title.

(The most BT):Player will receive a mission hint automatically oncekindness reach around +999, go to the Corporal at EightMile to receivethis title.

Schizo / Bounty Hunter
This is not related to killing, player level 50, received and gave upBounty Hunter Mission assigned by the Corporal of EightMile will getthe ‘Schizo’ title. Receive Bounty Hunter title if mission completed.

Angel of Love / Cheapskate
Level 40, Mission from Beggar Clan Chester at the door step of Prosperity Inn
Pay him 1 gold for the Angel of Love title, if you refuse you will get cheapskate as a title.

My Master is Kalimdor
Only level 50 and above, go to the Teleporter at Sevensword town andtravel 30 times to get 30 travel ticket. Then exchange the ticket witha Travel Guide from Beggar Clan Chester. After that hand in the TravelGuide to Kalimdor. Once mission completed, you will get the title

Star Catcher / Inglorious Hog
Have to be in level 50 and above + completed “My master is Kalimdor” mission.
Go to EightMile Manor and look for Romatic Blinder.
He will ask you to look for Kalimdor to pluck the stars, look forkalimdor and he will ask you to jump on the highest flagpole atSevenSword Town.
Then jump on the flagpole at Prosperity and you will get the perfect Refine Stone.
Finally, return it to the Romantic Blinder and he will give you backyour perfect refine stone and you will get the title of . Please be informed that there will be no experience givenfor this mission. If you choose not to return the perfect refine toRomantic Blinder, you will get the title of .

He'll Burried You
Level 50 and above
I’ve completed the plucking star mission at level 50, you will get themission if you were killed, choose the second answer when Kalimdor ask.
You will get your second perfect Refine and this title.

Clinging Person /Hapless Fellow
Level 40 to receive mission, look for Mollie to accept jumbled codemission, walk to SevenSword Town after talking to Anthropologist twiceand mission are completed, the location is around -76, 6, (Iaccidentally completed this mission when I’m buying something), if youchoose no or give up this mission, you will receive the title HaplessFellow.

Romantic**(**depends on the class. Example: SpearMaster will be Romantic SpearMaster, Medico will be Romantic Medico, and so on)
Accept mission from Bhavin after level 30
All town reputation reaches 1000 will receive a mission, this missionis simple, kill the monsters required and report mission, you’llcomplete it in no time and receive this title.

Ten Slayer
Level 20 and above, there are no limitation on maximum level to receivethis mission, kill 10 white colored name to receive this mission.

Hundred Slayer
Level 20 and above, there are no limitation on maximum level to receivethis mission, kill 100 white colored name to receive this mission.Consequences might be unbearable….

You will get this title if you owned 500 gold and talk to Gerad at SevenSword Town.

Flying Man
Yet to be identified, More on this later..
Finally it will be something about the "EightDiamond Stone Mission".If you haven’t accept this mission, I would advise players not toaccept it first as this is one of the most difficult BT mission evermade unless if you're earning money from doing it. Although players areeligible to accept this mission but it is recommended only when you'vereach level 60 then you might probably want to go for it. First of all, go to EightMile Corporal and accept the ‘Asura Pond’mission, it will direct you to the Guardian at Fifth Ridge. TheGuardian would then ask you to get 55 Spear from the Mine Servant atDungeon. After collecting 55 spear, the Guardian will then order you tokill 75 Mine Guard and Sentinal Beast each. Once that is done, you’reprompted to kill 100 Mine Fighter and Mine Warlock each. Finally, theGuardian will command you to kill the Mine Devil (BOSS). Once all thatis accomplished, the mission is then consider complete and you will getan EightDiamond Stone as a reward. It is advisable to have a team of 6which comprise of level 55 and above for this assigned task. This is arepeatable quest.

[Above Quests/Missisns Credit : Q-World Official Forum]

More information on installing the game can be found at Official Website.

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