An Old Man

We've heard many ghost stories from cemeteries.
Whether they are true or not, only the one who spoke knows.

This is from a foreign worker who was a security guard of a factory. As known, his job was to patrol in the factory to make sure everything is safe. Nevertheless, he heard noises every night he patrolled. It was a sound of iron hammering from an abandon cemetery next to the factory.

'That place is not for me to go'

He told himself. However, his curiosity rose day by day until he finally decided to find out who was that culprit. He stepped out of the factory with torch in his hand and began to walked into the cemetery. He followed the noise until he met an old man who was craft hammering grave plate alone. Without much thought, he approached.

'Hey, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?'

'Can't you see this? I'm busy.'

'You know, you're not allowed to disturb these grave plates even if they were abandoned'

'I know, just that they had misspell my name and I wanted to correct it back'


He aimed his torch to the plate and saw the picture of that old man who had actually died few hundred years ago! Immediately, he was shocked and he couldn't make out any noise but to run as fast as he could.

As a foreign worker, he couldn't make himself to change job, but he dare not step into the cemetery again.


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