Ktar Ghost Story

Semester break is meant for students to go back hometown to meet up with their family. The story started when there was a girl student insisted to stay back. This is a short story...

Late at night, she had a suddenly urge to toilet that she wanted to pee a little. When she was on the toilet bowl, suddenly she heard footsteps hooping into the dark washroom.

Who is that in the middle of the night?

She wondered while she was still behind the door. The hooping stopped and a kid voiced out counting the toilets.


Gosh! She was indeed in the third toilet room where the counting never continue on.


The repetition was carried on and it was getting faster. She was in fear and was not even dare to flush and get out from the toilet room until the next morning when the sun rose.

She realised her mistake and she went back home straight that day.

*addition in toilet*

She scolded,

Empat lima enam tujuh tak tahu kira kah? Bodoh Kau!

The kid arms appeared to climb up to the door with a rotten face,


-Don't fool around-

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