Amazing Videos

Impossible Cloth Changer

I mean this is REALLY Impossible
I'm sharing here and I hope someone could tell me how they did it


It must be someone smart to come out with an idea like that
Liken to the Chinese face changer
But this is much finer especially the last change
No trick can be seen
It was just like magic

Well, human do improve through skills
Maybe by the next year
We can enjoy more of these

A Dance is made out of Joy

This is a guy who went around the world and filmed himself doing a silly little dance in famous locations.
Makes you think about how amazing is the world we live in.
People nowadays think that dances need skill but in fact,
Everyone first dance in their life was made out of joy, happiness.

Just as when you are awarded 10 thousand cash from a competition,
You'll dance right?
But it happens
The meaning of dancing comes forth when there is happy heart
Happy Dancing^^v

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