I won an Ipod today!!!

Okok, let's start with the contest.
It's online and it's free.
All you need is just a slogan for The Malaysian Insider website.
Want to know about this website?
Check it out yourself >< (Hahaha)
Ok tell you lar,
It's a Malaysian News website.

This is my journey to redeem the prize.
30 minutes drive,
half way, raining...Sha!!!

Good Raya, no traffic jam =)

To my surprize, the office is just next to Eastin Hotel =)

Entrance needs money =(
But "Touch n Go" card accepted

Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara 2 =)
Haha, no good...
The rain disturbed my camera vision

Find Parking slot =)
Visitors parking located at Basement 3

All office units are sapperated through different lifts =)
I do not realised that at first and I got myself into the wrong office (Hahaha)

Double sided life =)
Just like double sided tapes
Worked on both sides

This is the office =)
See the CCTV?
I hope they don't mind me taking this picture (Hehe)

Nice glass indeed =)


Actually I had a picture together with the prize presenter =)
And I asked him to send the pic to me
So dare of me (Hahaha)

What to do?
I couldn't used my phone camera in the office ><

-This is it!!!-

-Worth $49-

Ya, I'm Happy...

My slogan: Malaysian News website, my daily updates.

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