Best Haagen-Dazs

Having an elder sister is the best thing ever. Today she treats me Haagan-Danz. Wow, an expensive stuff. Right, enjoying ice-cream with own elder sister is very different from enjoying it with girl-friend in the sense of romance -But- in sense of Money, Huahaha!! Maybe the trend goes like this, (Bf-Gf) everything bf spends; gf money nowhere to use so uses on brother like me.
This thing alone cost 30++MYR. Do you think it's huge? Nah, Knock your head! But one thing for sure is that you can't finish it alone due to its sweetness. Yam~Yam~
My sis always reminds me that "It is because you're now a student, next time when you work, it'll be your turn to treat me". Right~ It will depends on how much I'll earn then -Or- maybe I can treat her these.
Em~ Don't say 'bad' to these brands. Although they aren't as fine as Haagen-Dazs, still they are many people's favourite.
These things are frozen too long~ Snow particles appear~


allenooi said...

haagen-dazs...... i like..... your photos are blur. try to take clearer one in future. :)

niar said...

have a elder sista is really a great thing...she can teach and guide you everything. I have a younger sista, not elder

littlecicak said...

I just love Haagen-Dazs!

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