Dota - Alleria, Windrunner Guide

Alleria, the Intelligent Dawn Tavern girl is crazy.

Without using ultimate power, some heroes might just turn out nothing but she's not. Yet, Dota has its philosophy. "Feed up and be stronger, that's it". In fact, if she was not properly fed, she is nothing too.

Buy 3 Mantle of Intelligents for initial Power Shot use. Next, Mask of Death then Power Tread of Strength. Don't aim for 3 Null Talismans. Try your best to increase attack damage by Buriza-do Kyonan. [Back to Menu]

-How should we use the skill-
Shackleshot : Bind a target with tree or something else while chasing target
Power Shot : Spam it but be sure that mana is always enough for escaping
Windrunner : Speed chasing at the same time speed escaping, use it to save time going back to town too
Focus Fire (Ultimate) : save it for one on one


Pin said...

This hero is insancely powerful. But still, I'll always a feeder. Lol

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